General Arraignments

General Arraignments occur each morning, Monday through Friday at 9:00 a.m. Persons arrested overnight will be seen by video for this initial appearance.

At the arraignment each defendant will be advised of the charge against them and the maximum penalty,  and will then be asked to enter a plea of Guilty,  Not Guilty, or No Contest. 

Upon pleas of No Contest or Guilty, the Judge will sentence the defendant. Misdemeanors carry a maximum possible penalty of $750.00, except enhanced offenses and alcohol related offenses (DUI's etc.) which may carry a maximum possible penalty of $750.00 and six months in jail, or both.

A Not Guilty plea will require a trial scheduled for a later date. A bond will be set at that time to ensure the Defendant's appearance at trial. The bond may be applied to fines upon the verbal consent of the person posting the bond. If the bond is not applied, refer to the FAQs as to how to get the bond returned.

If you wish to have a witness or an officer, you must subpoena them. You may receive subpoena forms from the Court office or find them under the forms tab on this website to require your witnesses to appear in Court for the trial. 

Payments of fines can be made in person at the Court Office with cash, check, money order, or by credit card. Payment can be made by mail with check or money order.

If a payment plan is needed, please bring $10.00 in court costs for each offense to be applied, and then a payment plan can be either established at the window or at your court hearing.


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