Recreation Facilities Closed

Posted on 03/14/2021

Casper officials advise no unnecessary travel

Street crews work around the clock to keep arterials open only

Casper, Wyoming (March 14, 2021) – Casper City officials have advised no unnecessary travel today on Casper streets.  Snow removal crews have been on shifts covering twenty-four hours since Saturday in anticipation of the snowstorm.  “With the current snow and wind conditions, our crews are only able to keep the thoroughfares, known as arterials, plowed,” stated Streets Manager Shad Rodgers.  There are Wyoming Highways throughout Casper that are maintained separately by Wyoming Department of Transportation snow removal crews.  Two of those state-maintained roads, Casper Mountain Road and Wyoming Boulevard, are closed at this time according to Rodgers.  More information on City of Casper snow removal and links to Wyoming Department of Transportation snow removal is available at