Next Meeting Application Deadline:             

5 PM, march 16, 2018


The City of Casper’s Planning and Zoning Commission is comprised of 7, unpaid, Casper residents who serve as its Commissioners.

In some cases, the Planning and Zoning Commission serves in a quasi-judicial role, and is the final decision-maker in the case.  In other instances, they serve as an advisor to the City Council.  Commissioners do not meet with or discuss a case before the public hearing.  They make their decision on evidence presented at the hearing to maintain the fairness and integrity of the process.

Application deadlines are 30-days prior to the Planning and Zoning Commission meeting and must be submitted to the Planning Office.


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June 15, 2017 Packet
Generation Casper Comprehensive Plan Update
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Please contact the Planning Office for answers to questions relating to the Planning and Zoning Commission.



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